Traditions, Tastes and Sounds Around the Globe 2015

Over 800 people from our school community and  visitors stepped away from their dutties last friday March 6th, to take part in a groundbreaking  event “Traditions, tastes and sounds around the globe”, in which SIU and BIU students made people to take a journey around different countries.

Laguage teachers and coordinators were the people responsable of this event, inspiring their students to give their best in speaking and writting skills in different languages; and cooking food from different parts of our world. The were so passionated about the country they chose. Parents also were so excited by tasting the food made by their kids, some even congratulated our school by the level of english, italian, french, and chinese that is taught in our institution.

At the end, all the presentations of the students were cheered up by the assistants that  made a new sense of improving this event for next year. With that motivation from a succesful job done and their language teachers, it was indeed  a day to remember.