Why is it important to respect my teachers? by Melanie Regney

Why is it important to respect my teachers?

Teachers are a source of learning, someone who teaches you in the future. Many times we do not appreciate the knowledge give it to us because we believe that we will not use it. The truth is that even without noticing it; the things that you learn every day are what form us as a person.

That’s why we must respect the teachers, not only because they are people and have the same rights that one itself, not only because they are older and more “wise”, because when we respect them we give them the opportunity to teach, something that probably nobody will teach us or at least not in the same way.

Respect is something that must be given without distinction, not by the fact of how much you like the person, or how much interest you will pay to their class. It is true that nor all the people think alike, that many classes will seem boring or tedious, but knowing how to respect the ideals of teaches is a quality that makes you as a person, which speaks well of you and your family. Since education, as many say, comes from home.

Before disrespecting someone, we must question ourselves, how it would feel to be in their place. Although sometimes teachers can hide their feelings, pretend that what happens inside the classroom are things that does not limit them to continue with their lives, the reality is that it affects them. No one should have the right to make anyone feel less, and even worst if the person you are hurting, tries to show or teach something that helps you for your own benefit.

Treating people well always generates some satisfaction.

Melanie R.


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